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Projects and Testimonials

“Dennis Smith and his team from N.W. Woodland Services, Inc. have just completed the first phase of a trail system at our residence in West Linn, Oregon.  The Property is a 17-acre wildlife habitat and the new trail system which Dennis constructed and helped to design is just terrific.  

Dennis is a pleasure to work with.  We have felt during the project that Dennis has been our partner in assuring that the project is conceived and executed properly and the highest quality possible within our budget.  His choice of equipment for the work seems to have been right on the button, and he and his team have taken special care to keep the site clean and leave it better and cleaner than how they found it.  


Dennis took care to communicate with us at important points during the project and made sure that the work was completed on time.  In addition, he has been helpful in identifying other opportunities to improve our site.  


I would recommend Dennis to others and look forward to working with him on additional projects on our site.  Please feel free to call me or my wife Valerie if you have any questions.”

                                                                                      - A. Roger Pease, West Linn, OR landowner

Maricopa County Trails:


“During the length of the contracts Dennis Smith, owner, has performed the primary work and has employed individual workers and subcontractors on occasion.  He has constructed over 200 miles of new trail or maintenance on existing trail as part of the Maricopa Trail system.  He is the only trail contractor we have used on this project.  


Northwest Woodland Services has done an excellent job in constructing our system.  Mr. Smith is very easy to work with and very efficient.  He has extensive trail work experience and has never failed to meet a deadline for us.  


He is highly recommended for any contract related to trail construction and maintenance.”

                                                                                     - John J. Rose, P.L.S., Trail Manager, Maricopa County, AZ


Maricopa County Trails.jpe
Dennis Smith - Leading Volunteer Group

Pearson-Arastradero Preserve: 


“I was just out hiking through the Arastradero Preserve on a survey of trail conditions, and I wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic job you have done in improving the trail tread throughout the Preserve.


When you started working on drainage and tread repairs two years ago, there were many trails that were so badly rutted and uneven that I was sure that someone was going to break an ankle from the dangerous surface.  Before you started, some seasonal trails were closed for three or four months a year while the soft soil dried out.  Now, thanks to your good analysis of the soil conditions and building solutions to fit with the unique conditions of each trail segment, the trails were only closed for three weeks this past winter.  And not only that, but the trails drain just the way you had designed them to drain, and the tread has remained even and smooth.


It is truly amazing what you accomplished in the first phase of work to implement the trail master plan for Arastradero Preserve.  Thanks to your efficacy use of specialized trail equipment and your thoughtful planning, we are already two years ahead of schedule in accomplishments.  I credit your ability to prioritize projects, your talent in assessing soil conditions to be able to work when the soil is pliant, and skills in designing appropriate drainage solutions for the success we have enjoyed in implementing important improvements. 


I am also grateful that you have worked with us so carefully to stay within the project budget.  Again, I credit your ability to creatively solve problems in the field and to provide alternative approaches in keeping the job on time and under budget.


Please know how truly grateful we are for your hard work, skill and dedication to providing superior trail access to our visitors.  It is such a pleasure to hear from park users - equestrians, bikers, and hikers - how pleased they are with the remarkable improvements that have been make to the trails in the past two years.”

- Greg Betts, Superintendent, City of Palo Alto Dept. of Community Services

Arastradero Preserve running.jpg
Arastradero Preserve golden fields.jpe

Peoria City Trails:

"I have had the pleasure of working with Northwest Woodland Services, Inc for more than seven years on a variety of projects, ranging from constructing mountain trail without a pre-planned layout, to installing signage along the mountain trails, to installing concrete benches on top of mountainous terrain, to performing routine and nonroutine maintenance along the mountain trail system.  


Through it all, I marvel at the skillful ability to create a hiking “experience” by utilizing the natural terrain and mountainous features that have unique interest points for experienced and non-experienced hikers.  Mountain trail construction is both technical and artistic by nature.  Northwest Woodland Services (NWWS) is able to combine both skill sets that provides an exceptional product for our trail participants.  


I have found NWWS to be very creative in their thinking and problem-solving techniques, and innovative to take very complex scenarios and break them down into smaller parts and provide viable alternatives to help resolve issues or conflicts that may arise.  The staff are very customer service oriented and I receive positive feedback from our citizens that use our trail system about how engaging and informative NWWS is while performing their work.  NWWS becomes an extension of our City of Peoria team by providing thoughtful, courteous and respectful and professional commuciation to our citizens.


I can enthusiastically recommend Northwest Woodland Services to any agency or employer based on their professionalism, valued pricing, and outstanding quality.” 

- Kirk Haines, City Park Manager, Peoria, AZ

Peoria hiking.jpe
Peoria landscape trail.JPG

Gallatin National Forest:

“Northwest Woodland Services has had two substantial trail contracts on the Gallatin National Forest in the past 3 years.  The first one involved 4.3 miles of trail restoration/relocation.  The Wapiti Project was initiated to reroute 2 miles of new trail away from private land in the Taylor Fork drainage, south of Big Sky, Montana.  The work included construction of grade dips, new tread, ditches, rubble rock sections, stream crossings, installation of corrugated poly pipe and route marker posts and extreme clearing.  The contractor, Dennis Smith, moved onto the site with his three person crew, worked efficiently and completed the 120 day project in 48 days.


The second project that Northwest Woodland Services completed on the Gallatin National Forest was the Red Cub Trail 17 miles North-Northwest of West Yellowstone, Montana.  This sensitive area had burned over in a forest fire the previous summer and the intent of the contract was to reduce some serious steep percent grades, relocate the trail away from meadows and install drainage structures.  Dennis and his three person crew completed this 120 day job in 37 days.  The completed trail was one of the better construction contracts we have had on the Gallatin.


The work was of the utmost quality.  The contractor’s clearing and drainage structures were especially superior to others in previous contracts.  Dennis was very co-operative with change orders and reasonable with renegotiated unit costs.  He took pride in his work and he was always on the job working himself.  He saw to it that his campsite was clean with food properly stored at all times. 


In summary, NWWS (Dennis Smith) has proven to be a conscientious, competent trail contractor on the Gallatin National Forest”

- Rick Ellison, FS Ranger, Gallatin National Forest, MO

Gallatin National Forest biking.jpg
Red Cub Trail motorcycle.jpg

Additional Projects

Laurance S. Rockefeller Estate: Grand Teton National Park

Northwest Woodland Services, Inc. was hired by the Laurance S. Rockefeller Estate to design and construct over nine miles of new hiking trails on their personal 1,500 acre preserve.  Trails included natural path, gravel trails, bike parking, horse hitching posts, and 15 large sitting benches. Northwest Woodland Services, Inc. worked with a team of Landscape companies throughout the project.  With creative insights and well thought out plans, these new adventurous trails allow 1,000s of park visitors and trail hikers to enjoy the beauty of the nature preserve.  Upon completion, the Laurance S. Rockefeller Estate donated all land to Grand Teton National Park.

Laurance S. Rockefeller - hiking trail.j
Rockefeller Preserve - sitting bench.jpg
Rockefeller Preserve - Interpretive Cent
Rockefeller Preserve - Vice President Di

Staunton State Park - Colorado:

Northwest Woodland Service, Inc. was hired by the State Parks Department of Colorado to help design and construct over ten miles of new hiking trails at Staunton State Park.  Prior to construction, this portion of the park had not been opened to the public.  Each trail section was designed and built with specific uses in mind including hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking.  In addition, a one-mile loop trail was designed and constructed with ADA specifications & standards for wheel chair visitors.

Staunton State Park - Trail to Elk Lake.
Staunton State Park - ADA Trails.jpg
Staunton State Park - Cobblestone Trail.
Staunton State Park - sign.jpg
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